Starting Secondary School


I am very proud to be the Headteacher at 希弗德 Head School. 西福德海德是一个充满活力和令人兴奋的学习社区,在这里学生非常努力学习,享受亚博买球的方方面面. 我们希望所有七年级的学生都对未来有远大的梦想和抱负,我们将鼓励和引导你们, as you work towards turning these dreams into reality. 我们期待你在课堂上认真学习,并充分利用课堂之外呈现给你的广泛机会. 我们对我们学校社区的每一个成员都有最高的期望,我们将挑战你成为最好的自己. 你们正处在一个非常激动人心的旅程的开始,我们将支持你们前进的每一步.

What does transition mean at 希弗德 Head School?

We are very proud of the transition programme at our school. 我们认为,让我们的新成员感受到他们所有的担忧和问题都被以一种关怀和信息的方式处理是至关重要的. Key staff will meet with the Year 6 students in terms 5/6 in our feeder primary schools. 那些不在西福德地区的学生将被邀请到同一职位的其他学生见面, 是什么让这些学生在没有我们社区的小学基础的情况下,有了“不孤单”的感觉. 我们邀请我们的父母/照顾者在品尝周的前一周到我们的学校参加欢迎晚会, where they will get the opportunity to also meet the tutors and key staff for Year 7.

时间表 of Transition 事件s

日期 & Time
Mr Southern to commence Year 6 Transition 访问 to 希弗德 area Primary Schools
w/c Monday 16th May to Tuesday 7th June 2022.
Taster Morning for students from Primary Schools that are outside the 希弗德 area
Thursday 26th May 2022: 9.00am-11.30am
Confirmation of Tutor Group via Primary School
w/c Monday 4th July 2022 and before 欢迎 Evening.
父母 and Carers 欢迎 Evening; Steyne Site
Thursday 7th July 2022.
5.下午5点大厅和5点.25pm Tutor Room and finish at 6.00pm (Blatchington and Friston)
5.下午40点大厅和6点.05pm Tutor Room and finish at 6.40pm (Cuckmere and Beacon)
Main Hall and Tutor Rooms, Steyne Site.
Taster Week for students from 希弗德 area Primary Schools
Years 6/7 Festival in the Sun
Thursday 14th July 2022: 6.00pm-7.30pm
Steyne Site Field (Tickets to be purchased from the school at £2.00)
星期五 15th July 2022 during the school day

Presentation from Mr Purdey Director of 学习 for Year 7 July 2022

What happens in Taster Week?

所有将于9月份入学的学生都被邀请在7月份与我们一起度过一周. This gives them a real feel of our school community. 他们将熟悉学校的全部课程表,并与新学年欢迎他们的老师和主要工作人员见面. This week allows students to adjust to the secondary school environment, know where their classrooms are and what subjects they will be studying. 我们认为,让新一年级的学生在经历了漫长的学习之后,对九月的开学感到自信和兴奋是至关重要的, 暑假.

To encourage the new Year 7 students to socialise and strengthen their bond as a group, we also have the Fun in the Sun Festival, which is an outdoor event full of games, music and refreshments held in the early evening, along with our current Year 7. 在试吃周的最后一天,我们会在西福德步道举办全校的欢乐跑. 这个活动受到整个学校社区的欢迎,家长/护理员也经常前来支持.

What support will my child receive in Taster Week?

Whilst some students are really excited about starting secondary school, we also understand that it can be very daunting for some others. 我们的学校有一个关于健康的强烈的精神,我们希望鼓励我们所有的学生在学校感到安全和被关心. 我们的学生服务团队为学生在西福德海德学校的整个时间提供情感健康支持,指导他们在学校日可能面临的挑战. 我们还有一个午餐俱乐部,旨在为学生提供一个另类的环境. 学生 can play chess, cards or board games, draw or colour, or just come for a chat. The club is there for students to drop-in so there is no sign up required. This support is available through the whole of Year 7.

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