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Our Approach to Wellbeing

Family Support Services

Would you like life at home to be calmer and happier?

Do you ask yourself, “what can I do to improve my child’s behaviour?”

Do you wish someone was there to give you some support and advice?

If the answer to those questions is yes, we may be the service for you.

密集的家庭支持服务在所有四所西福德小学和西福德校长学校开展工作,支持在养育子女方面需要帮助的家庭. We work with parents/carers and their children to improve behaviours, school attendance and the wellbeing of all family members, 提供一个从业者,将帮助您制定策略和日常生活,使家庭生活和亚博买球更愉快.

How can we help?

  • Help with building effective routines
  • Strategies on managing negative behaviours
  • Support for parents/carers when children are refusing to attend school
  • Improving sleep routines
  • Putting boundaries in place to support positive action
  • 支持父母/照顾者如何鼓励安全表达情绪

and much more!

Other Useful Resources

As a school, 我们理解为你的孩子找到正确的支持不仅重要, it is essential. 因此,我们收集了一些有用的资源,供父母和照顾者在需要帮助时使用. 其中一些是地方组织,另一些是全国性的慈善机构. Either way, each contact should be able to offer you the advice, support and understanding that you need.

Early Help Keywork and Single Point of Advice

早期帮助是一种改善有多重和复杂问题的家庭结果的方法. 它的目的是向整个家庭提供更早、协调和更有效的支助. 想要了解更多信息,或者如果你有保护孩子的顾虑,请点击这个链接.

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Open for Parents

为居住在东苏塞克斯的父母和护理人员提供管理孩子行为的支持和建议, supporting their development or their emotional wellbeing.

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Waves Seaford

Offering practical help and support to families in the Seahaven area.

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School Health Service

A team of public health practitioners, led by school nurses, who work with children, 东苏塞克斯的年轻人和家庭,致力于促进所有学龄儿童的健康和福祉.

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Mediation East Sussex

Enabling people to hear one another and to resolve their differences.

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Bullying and Cyberbullying


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Advice and tips on how to get good sleep.

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Tips on how to relax.

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Exam Anxiety

Tips on coping with exam anxiety.

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Divorcing & Separating

Advice and help for parents who are separating or going through divorce.

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Bereavement Support for Children & Young People

Advice service for children who are dealing with grief.

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Carers Support

Support for carers within East Sussex.

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