Our Vision

“Achieving Excellence together by developing a community where learning is for everyone and all members are inspired and empowered to achieve their personal aspirations; to be the best you can be.”

Curriculum Intent


Secure development and achievement…

  • 为学生提供个人发展的机会.
  • allows students to achieve their personal best.


  • 挑战,激励,激发并引导终生学习的兴趣.
  • 为学生的进一步教育,无论是学术或职业和世界的工作做好准备.
  • Promote active community involvement…
  • 确保学生为现代英国的生活做好充分准备.
  • 为个人发展提供广泛的优质课外机会.
  • 包括与社区合作,促进地方、国家和全球的意识.

Transition from Year 8 to Year 9

Curriculum Pathways

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