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Treasures is the largest collection of free resources created by and for teachers of the Treasures Reading Program.

All resources on the site are free and organized by grade level and Treasures Reading unit. Every attempt has been made to make the site compatible with all state editions of the Treasures Reading Program.

Original content is provided as well as links to existing external Treasures Reading sites. Resources are intended to appeal to students of multiple learning modalities and English Language Learners and integrate technology into the curriculum with powerpoint, digital video, and the internet research. Resources available include powerpoints for teaching comprehension and vocablary, chants for teaching English Language Learners, and banners for the Big Question Board. New Treasures resources are added daily. Check back again soon to find new resources and submit your own.

Please contact Mathew Needleman, web site creator, with comments and suggestions about this web site or click here to submit your own Treasures Reading resources.

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